Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bowing the Vocal Chords - Book on Pandit Gajananbuwa Joshi

It is the 101st birth anniversary of renowned violinist and Hindustani classical vocalist, Pandit Gajananbuwa Joshi. This golden year presented me with the opportunity to write about his life and work in the form of a book in English, "Bowing the Vocal Chords". The project was accomplished with keen guidance and oversight of Guruji Dr. Vikas Kashalkar, renowned vocalist and musicologist of the Gwalior Gharana.

The book was officially released by Guruji Dr. Kashalkar, whilst on his US Concert tour, on 21st September 2012 at Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations organized by the Hindu Temple of Bloomington Normal, Illinois, USA. The auspicious occassion was also Bhadrapad Panchami, the Nirvaan-din of Guru Gajanan Maharaj. Also present for the release were Bloomington physician, Dr. Uday Deoskar and Shri. Chaudhary. The book will soon be made available for distribution to audiences globally.

When Guruji asked me to take this up, numerous questions emerged about the subject, about not having met or seen such a towering personality as that of Gajananbuwa, and simply my ability to do so. It was then that his supreme confidence enabled me to embark upon this journey and transform the questions into channelized flows of thoughts, ideas and creativity. Double confirmation came when Guru Smt. Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar did a full read of my writing, provided me with candid comments over the phone and graciously wrote the preface.

It is indeed a feeling of immense satisfaction, joy and privilege to have been a channel of contribution in the vast ocean of my par-Guru's work in this manner. Especially treasured is that being a student of music, this work expanded my own horizon of music through the lens of Gajananbuwa's legacy. My hope and wish is for more and more readers all over the world to access and learn about this prodigious trailblazer, who conquered multiple domains of the priceless Art of Hindustani Classical Music!

Manasi Joshi-Singh


Heramb Rasal - Intelligent Investor said...

Interesting Book on Pandit Ji. Is it available for purchase thro' Amazon / Flipkart.

Manasi said...

It is available on Book Ganga -